How to Start Filling Your Chairs and Getting More Patients with Our 7 Figure Psych Blueprint 
Get More TMS, Ketamine, and Mental Health Patients 
Without Having to Rely on Doctor Referrals and the Manufacturers Ever Again
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During our call, we will share with you the exact 7 Figure Psych System used by hundreds of clinics around the country to attract, schedule and convert new patients into care. You Will Learn:
  • How we install "marketing funnels" that consistently fill your pipeline with new patients EACH day
  • ​How to scale your practice profitability while decreasing overwhelm AND eliminating reliance on doctor referrals for new patients
  • ​How to ensure people actually understand your novel treatments before they show up for an appointment
  • How to access a world-class Business Development Training for your staff and providers alike
  • ​How to implement a high performance culture and accountability system in your business
RESULTS From Our Amazing Clients
Everyone below is a real client with a real business that put in real work  to see the system pay off!
"Beyond Marketing is the best place to start especially because of their training academy. That is number one. everybody should know that. Number two, you have support from them. They are there all the way until you fill your capacity."
Antony W. - CRNA - AZ
"I have done everything possible until we came to you, and then everything changed. We've got a steady flow of patients, you've got a dedicated, detailed system, you train staff, you get them to know exactly what to say, and you bring in patients."
Brian J. - Psychiatrist / Owner - CA
"On average, now I'm seeing 25 patients a day for ketamine whereas before we started, 6 was full day. Because of Beyond Marketing we're able to have a lot of volume and have a lot of growth in a quick fashion so it's really exciting to think about those expansion plans."
Danielle G. - CRNA / Owner - MN
"You guys provide a streamlined system. It helps keep us organized. It's been tremendous how much more efficient we've been. Beyond Marketing has been critical in helping us up our game in being able to connect with the patients."
Brian E. - Psychiatrist / Owner - TX
"We're getting 4-5 new patients a day. There's a lot of different avenues we're getting leads from that I didn't think was even possible before we started with Beyond Marketing. The long term value is not just in the leads that come but also with the staff that Beyond Marketing has provided to us."
Justin G. - CO-Founder - TX
"Since implementing the system it has allowed us to be more efficient with our time. It's a simple organized system that develops leads and turns them into clients. Now we can spend more time on improving the patient experience."
Lance D. - Patient Care Coordinator - OH
"When I compare last September & October to this year, we're more than double our actual kept intake appointments. Our amount of leads have skyrocketed. Scott talks the talk and walks the walk."
Piper B. - Owner / PNP - WA
"In order to be interviewed, they have to go through your marketing training. You have a whole system that you have to follow. They are following these rules and guidelines you provide that hold their hand through it all."
Angie L. - TMS Coordinator - NY
"We were too busy, that was the problem. We had more new patients than we could process."
Dr. Tim C. - Provider - ME
"For whatever reason the Beyond Marketing leads seem to answer on the first phone call and they're much easier to convert."
Peter B. - Patient Care Coordinator - NJ
"There are times where I have booked an appointment and haven't even spoken to them over the phone, just through text through the program."
Christina G. - Patient Care Coordinator - FL
"We had so many more leads coming in. Getting people in the door and actually being able to help more people on a larger scale. They were a huge asset to us we really appreciate everything that they've done for us."
Charles P. - Founder - FL
"Since we started in mid August [2020], we've had over 1,350 leads. I was talking to Jansenn Neuroscience, the makers of SPRAVATO, and we are considered top tier of all the administration sites in the country."
John P. - Managing Director - OR
"The biggest thing for me was the amount of good, legitimate leads that came across. I've gone from thinking about sending the machine back to now I know this is what I was looking for when I got the machine. It's turned our practice around."
Antonio L. - Psychiatrist / Owner - GA
"What really differentiates Scott's team is your track record. You've been consistently able to drive patients in the door. We're averaging 3-4 new TMS patients per week. We have hundreds of patients in the queue. We have a tremendous amount of lead flow coming into our system."
RJ A. - COO - PA
"Beyond Marketing really helped give me the confidence I needed when talking to people. You guys have been a fundamental stepping stone for us to grow. You guys helped organize and created a system that allows me to manage the calls and the people coming in."
Nick M. - CEO - FL
"Having these tools is amazing. I absolutely love what I do. We're 10 steps ahead once we already have [the leads] in the system. These patients are already excited about doing TMS. They are already sold into the system. All I have to do is give them a call and find out when they want to be scheduled."
Ruby P. - TMS Coordinator - TX
"Scott's entire system is a great strategy / product. I can fully endorse it. He's in this space for the right reasons. If you're looking for a ready-now, turnkey solution or just to juice up your practice, I think Beyond Marketing is a great service."
John Paul F. - Owner - FL
"We used to have 2-3 patients a day and now we're up to the point where we have 8-9 patients a day and we actually have our second machine on the way!"
Joe M. - Clinic Director- MN
"In two months we have been blown away from our results and we've had about 180 leads come into the clinic and you have removed a significant load off of me to allow me to work on the business."
Larry C. - Clinic Director - FL
"The magazine advertisement has been very successful in growing awareness and funneling patients to our higher-end services."
Dr. Don D. - Owner / Provider - SC
"He automated my marketing system and for me it's like magic. I basically show up to my office and the days I'm there I have scheduled new patients and reports stacked."
Dr. Dave M. - Owner / Provider - NJ
Direct From the Desk of Scott Theaman... READ BELOW ⬇ 
How Industry-Leading Psych Practices are Getting 8+ 
New TMS Patients Every Month on Autopilot
Discover the Proven, Scientific System Psych Business Owners are Leveraging to Get 5, 11, and even 17+ NEW TMS Patients Every Single Month
I’ll cut right to the chase here because I know how you feel... 

I’m going to show you how industry leading psychiatric professionals are attracting 17+ new patients every month without having any marketing experience and without spending hours tabling at events or asking for referrals.

And what if I was so confident that this is the result you’re gonna get from learning about this system, that if you’re not 100% completely satisfied, I’ll personally donate $1,000 to a charity of your choice!

Now, the reason I can make this guarantee is because this system has been PROVEN to work. 

In fact, the #2 TMS Provider in the nation uses this system and a lot of other Doctors just like you use it, too.

For example, take Larry C. out of Ormond Beach, FL, who was struggling to get patients. Here’s exactly what he said. 

“I appreciate the special “hands on” approach you take to our business and making sure we’re still growing. As you know, our clinic has seen significant growth over the past 6 mo’s. In fact, we’ve just added a second treatment chair as a result of our patient schedule being backed up 4-6 weeks. Adding Beyond Marketing to our ongoing “boots on the ground” marketing efforts has been the One-Two punch that has put our clinic at the top of our company’s 30+ clinics. Thanks for all you do…and keep sending those leads! ”

Now before I get into the details of this system, tell me, does this sound like you?

- You’ve invested $100,000+ in equipment and training...
- You struggle to educate the right people about what TMS actually is...
- Your social media intern has proved useless…
- You’re too busy to “do marketing”

So who am I? 

Hi, my name is Scott Theaman and we are the only agency specializing in generating high-intent TMS patient opportunities. We work with TMS Providers across the country taking care of their online patient acquisition. I have been featured on ABC, Grant Cardone, and Clickfunnels for our novel strategy. Why? Because it works, it simply means we’re good at what we do. Over the last four years, businesses and individuals have trusted us with their marketing dollars.

Now, before I go any further, I have a harsh reality I want to share with you...

You’ve Been Lied To… BIG Time
If you’ve been relying on strictly patient referrals to grow your practice, you’re in trouble. 

We both know it’s not scalable long-term. The TMS opportunity is like the Wild Wild West right now...

But your opportunity might be fleeting if you don’t do something to capitalize RIGHT NOW. 

Or maybe you’re establishing relationships with other psychiatric professionals…

But once they catch wind, they’ll start their own TMS Practices and, BOOM there goes that referral source!

I’ve got to tell you, all these ways are severely broken. You’ve been lied to, and misinformed. 

So the reason I’m writing you this letter is pull back the curtain on the new, novel method that savvy practice owners are leveraging to save hundreds of people per year suffering from treatment-resistant depression and put 5 figures plus into their bank each month.

Imagine never having to rely on referrals again.

Imagine being able to pull a lever and get patients requesting to see you every single month, rather, every single DAY!

Imagine never having to worry about growing your business or marketing again, because now you’ve finally cracked that code.

How much stress would disappear from your life knowing you’d be getting new patients consistently every single month?

What would it mean for you if the patients already HAD awareness, and only speak to eager people, that actually wanted to come see you?

And what would it mean if it could happen for you DAILY?

So if you were to get 17+ new patients per month, how much extra revenue does that translate to? What would you do beyond just business?

What would it do for your family? How much extra time would you spend with them? Would you go on a vacation and finally relax? Where to?

Your lifestyle?

Your impact in the Mental Health field?


How would it feel to escape the black hole of obscurity and anxiety and become the only choice for TMS Therapy, ketamine, and many other depression alternative treatments in your area?

Now, the reason I’m writing you this letter is because as we expand nationwide, we’re looking for the right providers that want to dominate their market without wasting any time or unnecessary effort and money. What’s that mean? Well for one, getting your practice to over a million dollars in TMS revenue.  

Here’s How We’ll Get You to Over 7 Figures
Our “7 Figure Psych” Accelerator is a proven system to get your more TMS customers. PERIOD. 

I say proven because right now we are working with the #2 TMS Provider in the country with over 35 locations. (you’ll see them in our Case Study at, keep reading)

In fact this system has taken years and tens-of-thousands of trial-and-error dollars to develop. So before shipping YOU and every other psychiatrist in the country this letter, all the “testing” and development has already been taken care of!

So here’s how our novel 7 Figure Psych system works. 

We’ll take out you from “unknown” and “what is TMS” to busy practice, needing to get more chairs, bring in more providers, hire more techs, and make more profits.

Just like the TMS procedure itself, certain causes have certain effects on the brain.

Advertising and marketing is the same way on the brain . 

We’ve discovered the scientific formula to drive eager patients to your front door.

Take Dr. D from South Carolina. “Before working with Scott, our online presence was a mess and we had no idea where new patients were coming from. One of the things I like best about the system is the two-way text. We’re able to communicate with prospective patients how THEY want to be spoken to, which is very important. The system is smooth and we’ve almost doubled Q1 revenue from this past year.”

Imagine being so in demand that you’d get to open up multiple locations and expand your reach with the millions of people suffering from depression.

Imagine what life will be like when you can finally take the guesswork out of your business with a proven system and just focus on being on a Provider and literally saving lives! 

Now, I’m going to reveal the details to you in a moment… but first I need to explain to you WHY this works so well in 3 simple words…

So.. How do we create mass scale awareness? 

First, we’ll need to establish an online AND offline brand. 


Make you a Figure of Authority and highly sought-after Expert that you truly are. People do business with people that they TRUST, so we need to establish a solid foundation.

Following that, we’ll take care of your graphics, websites, advertising, videos, lead generation sites, AND some shocking print material that IMMEDIATELY positions you as the EXPERT to your potential patients. 

These are assets that stick with you forever, not some one-off, fly-by-night nonsense... 

So when they come in, they’ll already know about TMS, and will want to sign on board with you without spending time educating them, so you save hours and bring in more patients.  

Best part of all? This system runs 24/7, even while you sleep. And as you know, most people suffering from treatment resistant depression also suffer from insomnia, so some of your best new clients will come in the middle of the night. 

Best of all?

I’ll show you How You Can Get 8+ New TMS Patients for FREE
So here’s the deal. Just go to and you’ll be able to watch our Case Study and apply to work with us.

You’ll discover our 7 Figure Psych Formula to consistently get new TMS patients every month. 

In the Case Study, going to reveal to you the exact strategy, ads, and expert positioning we use time and time again with our clients to help them achieve a 7-figure psych practice. 

Not only that, you’ll learn our proven scripts, closing techniques, and in-office conversion strategies to eliminate the stress of “trying to sign a new patient.”

Now, just to be 100% transparent…

At the end of the Case Study, I’m going to present an incredible opportunity to implement this into your practice.
But here’s the thing, We ONLY work with one TMS Provider in each geographical area.

So if you’re interested in generating 17+ new patients a month, and want to see how its helped professionals around the country, then just go to and watch our Case Study.

We also don’t want to work with everyone. We want to work with Practice Owners that understand the importance of building a long-term, sustainable, reputation online (and offline). 

Take Dr. Omar H. for example, out of Boston who said “At first we were skeptical. Working with Scott Theaman and has proved to be the best investment we ever made into our marketing and brand. Patients are finding us easier than ever before. In the first month alone we signed 5 new patients and it has continued to grow at a steady rate from there.” 

Here’s How You Can Save More Lives, Get More People Off Dangerous Meds, and Grow Your Business, FAST
If you want to join the other SMART Psychiatrists in the “7 Figure Psych” Accelerator. 

If you want 17+ new TMS patients, here’s what to do next - visit Watch the Case Study to get started. 

Warning: Time is a factor

This opportunity is extremely limited and once you’re in, you lock out your geographic competition. Once you’re in, you’ll be the only Provider in your county that we work with. 

Just visit to watch our Case Study and get started. 
Turn Your Business Into a Money-Making Machine...
314 New Patient Opportunities Over a 9 Month Period at $6.65 each
This client is averaging 10 new patients per month... that's a 30% close rate!
21 New Patient Opportunities in 9 days for under $4.00 each!
"We've never been this busy, it is May 11th and we've already signed 11 new patients. We're on track for one a day!" 
- Dr. Dave M., New Jersey
$11,000 in NEW patient revenue in just 2 weeks 
"We're booking a solid 2 weeks out - some people it's 3 or 4 weeks before they can even get their foot in the door" 
- Dr. Shawn V., Colorado
31 New Patient Inquiries In Month One
"We already had two people come in, we have 3 more this week -beyond satisfied with the services" 
- Dr. Jason V., New Jersey
"Month after month, Not only have we seen more patients, but we've had better quality coming in" 
- Dr. D - Tristate Area
We work one-on-one with you to develop a customized Patient Conversion Process that transforms your business into a revenue-generating machine
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